Pipeline Safety

Riverside monitors its oil and gas production at all times. Pipelines are patrolled regularly as part of our preventative maintenance and safety programs. We work diligently to keep all facilities well sign-posted and to keep the pipeline right-of-way free of encroachment. This is because if a pipeline is damaged, it may leak or rupture, presenting a potential safety concern and environmental hazard.

If you observe any unusual or suspicious activity near our pipeline facilities or in the unlikely event of an emergency, please call us at any time on these emergency numbers:

- Michigan (Riverside Energy Michigan): 989 705 7665
- Indiana (Riverside Petroleum Indiana): 888 971 3550

Riverside has established relationships with appropriate emergency services such as fire, police and other public officials who, together with Riverside, will make safe any actual or potential hazards.

The leading cause of pipeline damage is excavation and agricultural activities in proximity to the pipe. By law, you must call 811 (free call) at least three full working days before you plan to dig, blast, plough deeper than 12 inches, install fencing or conduct any activity which may damage the pipeline. A company representative will be sent to mark the location of the pipeline for you before digging commences. A map of our pipelines and relevant safety information is provided for as downloadable documents on this page.

It is important to be able to recognize the warning signs of a possible pipeline leak. Sight, smell and sound will aid in this regard. Our downloadable pipeline safety information brochures explain how to identify a possible leak, and how to react in such an event. Riverside also provides information to assist emergency responders in such an event.

Once you have read through the safety information, we encourage you to take our short Pipeline Safety Information Survey, which will help us measure your overall understanding of pipeline safety and help us to continuously improve our communication with you.